Vision Statement


At Zagreb, we look to revolutionize traditional construction practices to a lean, sustainable and continuously improving industry.


Mission Statement


People don’t hire us for what we do, they hire us for why we do it.


Zagreb begins by defining the purpose of why the company is in the business of construction management.  Zagreb exists because of its people.  It understands the mechanics of family and operates in a fashion that focuses on the collective growth of its people instead of the development of a select few.  This translates to a team of professionals who do business for the sake of each other’s best interests and in turn, the best interests of every client that calls upon our services.


At Zagreb, everything we do, we challenge the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. Our services enable us to reduce our project risk, timelines and cost, while providing transparency and cross-functional communication that extend both internally and externally to customers, employees and sub-contractors.


Zagreb, is taking a STAND to create realistic expectations of its operating environment, develop reliable measures and policies to control risk and continuously improve to remain a prominent force within the construction industry.


Business Description

 Zagreb Construction Inc. is an independent Construction Management / General Contracting company.  Zagreb has enjoyed 37 years of proactive, successful growth by repeatedly exceeding the expectations of their clients.


As a family-owned and locally operated business, Zagreb maintains the flexibility to try new things and discover remarkable talent in unforeseen places. Their consistent delivery of high quality construction, cost-saving innovation and on-time completion has made Zagreb a major player in British Columbia.


Zagreb recognizes the imperative need to continuously improve its operations and has developed a methodology that integrates lean and sustainable practices, to remain a competitive player, within the construction industry.



Zagreb is based out of their privately own office building in Coquitlam BC.  The company operates in Western Canada ranging British Columbia to Manitoba.  The company has site offices located on every job to ensure there is proper management oversight on every job.


Products and Services

The construction industry in Western Canada is gradually increasing.  With the recent growths in many communities, society is demanding more schools, community centers, shopping centers and housing.  Zagreb, provides lean and sustainable construction management services where skilled management’s teams monitor sites to ensure flawless execution, that budgets are not exceeded and that highest quality workmanship is delivered.

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